Unlock Your Ideal Recovery From Birth

As a Chicago Doula, I am so happy to be a part of such a fine birth community.  Our hospitals can serve thousands of families everyday, and the care Chicago mothers receive while pregnant, and in labor, is fantastic.

With two major airports, if your family isn’t here yet, they can be soon.  So bring that baby home and…


It is hard when you come home with a newborn baby.

If you’ve never done it, bringing a baby home from the hospital is a bizarre experience.  The amount of supervision some women receive in labor seems drastically different from the care some moms WISH they had after they come home.

Oh, ok.  I just pushed this human out of my vagina and there were 12 people watching, but now you’re sending me home alone?  What?!  There is a whole extra human going home with me!  All I get is some paper and hat? 


The slowest, bumpiest car ride in your history

If you didn’t know, this may be what the drive home looks like for you:

  • load that baby into the car
  • gently get the mom into the car.  Ouch!  (Be careful of all the healing parts!)
  • Proceed to hit every pothole or uneven surface on the slowest drive of your life.  Is the baby ok?!
  • Unload everyone and everything at home –  careful!
  • Feel totally exhausted and unsure what to do
  • Wonder how you are supposed to care for your new family when you, as a mom, can’t even pee without the help of some new tools and tricks.

Some new parents are able to have family come to help for the first few days.

Here is a question for you: Are you able to ask for help?  Can you ask these people to do things?  Are you able to accept their help?

Will you have long term support?

Postpartum Depression is a reality that many women are starting to take more seriously.  It is very common for women to have baby blues in the first weeks after having a baby.  Hormones are fluctuating as a woman’s milk supply comes in, and labor hormones level out.  Baby blues are completely normal. 

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is not the baby blues, however.  It is believed that 9-16% of women suffer from PPD and should those who suffer have subsequent pregnancies, they are thought to suffer from PPD at an increased 41%.

One tricky part is postpartum depression doesn’t tend to appear in the first weeks when most women have some support.  Postpartum depression is defined as being a “long lasting” form of depression.  The other tricky part is a Mom may be suffering for weeks by the time she sees her own care provider at 6 weeks postpartum.

What can families do to help new moms while also being aware of signs that Postpartum Depression may be a concern?

Postpartum Doulas can be part of the solution.

Postpartum doulas are trained professionals that offer care for your family, with the focus on newly delivered mothers and their bond with their newborn.

Postpartum doulas can help support feeding styles, parenting styles, sleeping styles, or help by uncovering your yet unknown parenting philosophy and style.

Hiring a postpartum doula is not like hiring a nanny, or a house keeper, or a baby nurse.  A postpartum doula is trained to support the mother and to support the integration of the new baby into the family.  Without judgement and with up-to-date knowledge.

Your postpartum doula will help you, but she will also know when what you need requires a medical professional.

Knowing who to call is an important part of a doula’s care, in labor or after.

You may be new to the world of Postpartum Doulas, but they won’t be new to the world of newborns and new-parents.

She could hold the key to helping your family begin your new life together with support, nurturing, and a form of help that is acceptable to you and your growing family.

Whether you are looking for support during the day, or overnight support, or if you are looking for a professional consultation to create your personalized Postpartum Recovery Plan, Ariel Swift and the DoC Doulas are happy to be at your service!

Doulas of Chicago is happy to offer trained and certified labor doulas, postpartum doulas, and postpartum placenta specialists to care your needs surrounding birth and parenting.

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Written by Ariel Swift