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Chicago’s Most Doting Doulas

For the month of September, votes were collected by Red Tricycle in cities across the country.  Indoor Play Places, Hippest Baby & Maternity Shop, and Amazing Art Classes were just a few of the categories.  We were happy to be included as one of the nominated companies, …and then one of the finalists, and now, …the winner of their Most Doting Doulas award! We love helping new moms, new dads, […]

Yeah The Placenta Pills Were Made, But She Did This Thing…

Some might assume that by choosing a scheduled cesarean a pregnant person has more opportunity to become mentally prepared for surgery. They get to ask a different set of questions – Not, How will I know I’m in labor? How far apart do my contractions need to be before going to the hospital? or, When should I get the epidural? But instead… When should my birth be scheduled, and why? […]

6 People Every Pregnant Person Should Have

You’ve read hundereds of lists for what to pack in your hospital bag, but what about the non-stuff, stuff?  What about your people? But not just your family, I mean your people.  Like, your “guy.” As in, …I know guy… …I’ve got a guy… …my friend told me about a guy she uses…   You know…the guy!  The person who does things when you need them done! The people.  Who […]

And Then Two Weeks Are Up | When Partners Return To Work

There are few families in the Unites States that have both parents present for an extended period in the postpartum period.  There are info-graphics, blog posts, and social media groups mocking our health system. While all that is going on outside, inside, a new family’s real life is beginning.  Attention is given to butts, mouths, and everything in between. Hypothetically, pregnant people who work in the US can take advantage of […]

Dear Placenta –

I hope this letter finds you well, and I hope we are able to meet soon! I have heard some of the most incredible stories about you! I had no idea you were so busy and versatile!  Are you on Linkedin?  You should update your profile – I would totally endorse you! The reason I’m writing is some of these stories have me thinking differently about you, and I feel […]

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