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This Pregnant Doula Isn’t Hiring a Labor Doula

That’s right. This pregnant doula isn’t hiring a labor doula. As a labor doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, and a trainer for an international doula certification organization, you would think I would be the poster girl in support of doulas at birth. And I am. If you want one. But I’m not hiring a doula for my birth. As a person who talks about the advantages of having a non-judgmental […]

Invite Us For A Sleepover: More Than Laundry and Tidying Up

I am so excited for tonight.  I get to have a sleepover! I get to connect with another woman, I get to help her, talk with her, nourish her – with food or companionship. I get to be welcomed into another woman’s home, to meet her exactly where she is at.  I am not her guest, I do not need to be entertained. I get to hear her describe her […]

Leaping Babies

Does this sound familiar? “She was sleeping fine and now I can’t put her down!” “I don’t know what’s wrong.  He is fussy all the time and he acts like he wants to eat, but then he doesn’t eat.  Is he okay?” “She was on a great schedule and now I can’t seem to get her back in sync!”   As much as you plan and as much as you […]

5 Things for the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

Waiting for the last weeks of pregnancy to be over can be both infuriating, frustrating, exciting, and completely uncomfortable.  Everyone on planet earth is asking, “Are you still pregnant?” and you may be sad that you can’t rhetorically whack them on the side of the head, like they can to you. So here are 5 things for those last weeks.

Unlock Your Ideal Recovery From Birth

As a Chicago Doula, I am so happy to be a part of such a fine birth community.  Our hospitals can serve thousands of families everyday, and the care Chicago mothers receive while pregnant, and in labor, is fantastic. With two major airports, if your family isn’t here yet, they can be soon.  So bring that baby home and… FREAK OUT!

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