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Getting Started, World Doula Week 2017

I had some specific criteria I was looking for in my doula: She needed to remind me of my mom. If I had to, I would bet mine was one of the shortest interviews my doula has had.  I just needed to sit with her for about five minutes.

March Madness & Parenting: View from the Cheap Seats

You either care about March Madness, or you don’t.  I have yet to see a mid-ground for this yearly phenomenon.  Is there one?  Is it NOT watching when it’s on at Burnt City Brewery? I have lived in both camps.   Once upon a time…Brackets on the refrigerator, picking, checking scores religiously.  Being thrilled that the (former) president was happy to name his picks, and comparing final 4 selections.  My […]

In Support of Intervention

Let’s cut to the chase: if you choose to use medical or natural interventions before or during your labor, we’re happy to support you. Having your birth begin by medical or natural induction methods does mean it ends in a “bad birth.”

Leaping Babies

Does this sound familiar? “She was sleeping fine and now I can’t put her down!” “I don’t know what’s wrong.  He is fussy all the time and he acts like he wants to eat, but then he doesn’t eat.  Is he okay?” “She was on a great schedule and now I can’t seem to get her back in sync!”   As much as you plan and as much as you […]

5 Things for the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

Waiting for the last weeks of pregnancy to be over can be both infuriating, frustrating, exciting, and completely uncomfortable.  Everyone on planet earth is asking, “Are you still pregnant?” and you may be sad that you can’t rhetorically whack them on the side of the head, like they can to you. So here are 5 things for those last weeks.

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