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Getting Started, World Doula Week 2017

I had some specific criteria I was looking for in my doula: She needed to remind me of my mom. If I had to, I would bet mine was one of the shortest interviews my doula has had.  I just needed to sit with her for about five minutes.


March Madness & Parenting: View from the Cheap Seats

You either care about March Madness, or you don’t.  I have yet to see a mid-ground for this yearly phenomenon.  Is there one?  Is it NOT watching when it’s on at Burnt City Brewery? I have lived in both camps.   Once upon a time…Brackets on the refrigerator, picking, checking scores religiously.  Being thrilled that the (former) president was happy to name his picks, and comparing final 4 selections.  My […]

This doula is hiring a postpartum doula Chicago

This Pregnant Doula Isn’t Hiring a Labor Doula

That’s right. This pregnant doula isn’t hiring a labor doula. As a labor doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, and a trainer for an international doula certification organization, you would think I would be the poster girl in support of doulas at birth. And I am. If you want one. But I’m not hiring a doula for my birth. As a person who talks about the advantages of having a non-judgmental […]


Celebrating Love: Quotes

February is here and with it, a flood of red, pink, flowers, chocolates, and … probably more executive orders. On the blog today, we’re sharing some great expressions of love, or loves lost, or its potential.  Why?  Frankly, we needed a pick me up that sometimes, only a good quote can mange.  Perhaps, we thought, you would enjoy them too.   On knowing your worth:   On motherhood: On the […]

Sleep over Postpartum Support Chicago

Invite Us For A Sleepover: More Than Laundry and Tidying Up

I am so excited for tonight.  I get to have a sleepover! I get to connect with another woman, I get to help her, talk with her, nourish her – with food or companionship. I get to be welcomed into another woman’s home, to meet her exactly where she is at.  I am not her guest, I do not need to be entertained. I get to hear her describe her […]

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