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Chicago InspiredBaby Names

26 Chicago Inspired Baby Names

In a city ripe with history, architecture, public figures, and tradition, finding inspiration for you’re child’s name may be on the next street you turn down! Here are some of our favorites: Lincoln Willis Anderson Frank Ernie Caray Irving Archer Logan Clark Roscoe Barak Roxanne Marshall Adler Garrett Foster Bryn Jordan Sullivan Jane Michelle Payton Maggie Harold Harper  


Getting Started, World Doula Week 2017

I had some specific criteria I was looking for in my doula: She needed to remind me of my mom. If I had to, I would bet mine was one of the shortest interviews my doula has had.  I just needed to sit with her for about five minutes.


March Madness & Parenting: View from the Cheap Seats

You either care about March Madness, or you don’t.  I have yet to see a mid-ground for this yearly phenomenon.  Is there one?  Is it NOT watching when it’s on at Burnt City Brewery? I have lived in both camps.   Once upon a time…Brackets on the refrigerator, picking, checking scores religiously.  Being thrilled that the (former) president was happy to name his picks, and comparing final 4 selections.  My […]

Oscar Night - Doulas of Chicago

Oscar’s Best Pictures…And the Parents who haven’t seen them!

It’s here! Oscar Night! I have fond memories of past parties with Champagne and voting ballots, where my friends and I would use the night to spend quality time talking about best and worst dressed movie stars and hoping for funny or poignant acceptance speeches. This year, as I look through the nominee list for Best Picture, I can’t separate my mom-mind from what I’m reading. Like 60% of the […]

This doula is hiring a postpartum doula Chicago

This Pregnant Doula Isn’t Hiring a Labor Doula

That’s right. This pregnant doula isn’t hiring a labor doula. As a labor doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, and a trainer for an international doula certification organization, you would think I would be the poster girl in support of doulas at birth. And I am. If you want one. But I’m not hiring a doula for my birth. As a person who talks about the advantages of having a non-judgmental […]


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