We are proud to provide Chicago families with the best trained doulas available.

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Labor Support

It is expected that your experience will be as unique as you are, and you deserve individualized care. Owner of Doulas of Chicago, Ariel Swift takes the time to learn about the specific plans, wishes and philosophies of every client. Rest assured that your doula will meet and exceed your expectations, because we know how important this event is in your life. Through the unpredictabilities, your doula will be available to accommodate you, 24-hours a day, every day of the week!

Our doulas’ capacity to anticipate and respond to the needs of birthing families, set them apart from the support that friends or loved ones can offer during birth. Whether it’s creating or implementing a plan, providing non-judgmental support or offering education and information about a process, you will feel safe, cared for and supported with Doulas of Chicago by your side!


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Postpartum Support

Having a doula from Doulas of Chicago means you will be taken care of in the way that makes you feel best. Your priorities become our priorities.

Using our specialists to act as an extension of yourself means you and your baby are cared for and encouraged to thrive. We strive to help you feel secure and confident as we care for your newly expanded family. Your executive assistant doula can act independently on projects in your home or along side you and your family as a seamless addition you can trust.

Your parenting philosophy becomes our parenting philosophy. Your goals become our goals. You are our focus and we are committed to your feelings of success.


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Placenta Encapsulation

Doulas of Chicago is proud to work with postpartum placenta specialists who keep safety and security at the forefront of their processing. You can be 100% sure your placenta is handled, transported, processed, and respected as the uniquely organic supplement it is for your postpartum recovery.

Discreet, professional processors will help you make the most of your placenta through traditional methods. Whether you have a vaginal or a Cesarean delivery, you can take advantage of this amazing service.

With Doulas of Chicago, you will know unequivocally who handled your placenta, how it was handled and how it will support your recovery. Our protocol is to process placentas exclusively in the homes of the people who birth them. While in your home, your postpartum placenta specialist will address your concerns, answer your questions and be available for breastfeeding support and newborn care assistance. As always, on-going support is just a phone call away!


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