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Introducing... Ariel Swift, your hand's on helper for your first year of parenting!

Hi! Ariel Swift here and I am at your service!
As doulas, my team and I have one goal and that is to help you reach yours! As your doula, I am your trusted confidante and my only desire is your success. Check out my resume and you will see that I am competent and capable in the following areas:

  • Personalizing your care
  • Researching and presenting your options
  • Making arrangements and offerings
  • Connecting the best team to your needs
  • Providing clear communication

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My EA services are included in all of our birth and postpartum packages as well as Placenta Encapsulation services.

I’m just a phone call away and am delighted to serve you!

Doulas of Chicago is a full service doula agency

Labor Support

You’re having a baby. Congratulations!

We want you to feel confident and we have the compassion, resources and tools that can help you create that confidence.

Your doula will help you navigate early labor, know the right time to go to the hospital and be by your side every step of the way. Her physical support in the form of massage and positional changes as well as her educational and emotional support is available when you want it.

Your DoC Doula is prepared to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need is too great, no question too small. After all... YOU are having a BABY!

Postpartum Support

Have you found the instruction manual?

You know… the one that comes with the baby that the hospital is sending you home with? Haha…. If only it were that easy! Instead, in your most euphoric state of mind, while recovering from giving birth, you and your partner are left to navigate the uncertainties of parenting a new baby. Your DoC expert postpartum doula is here for you. Let our baby experts help you become an expert yourself with a wide range of knowledge and packages to be with you when you want her.

Placenta Encapsulation

It’s your placenta, handle it with care.

You’ve just given birth and you want a supplement to aid in your recovery. Engage the services of a Postpartum Placenta Specialist from DoC and have all doubt removed from the process. Our Placenta Encapsulation Specialists at Doulas of Chicago pride themselves on providing the safest and most secure method of in-home placenta processing. We understand there are no second chances with placenta processing, so we make sure to get it right the first time, every time.

Celebrate With Me

I understand the needs of birthing women, the roller coaster that is kindly referred to as the
postpartum period, and those adorable but sometimes tricky little eating, pooping,
sleeping, crying…. Machines. I help you and your partner take the worry and
stress away so the celebration period lasts longer!

Indulge With Me

C’mon! You deserve it. This is your baby and you want everything to be perfect. I want the same.
I care and I want you to feel as important and special as this monumental period in your life.
Let’s do this together!

Let's Get Social

Doulas of Chicago is honored to meet all of your birth and postpartum needs.
Our experience and guidance will help you on your way through pregnancy, birth,
and the postpartum period.